Malgo Hyanggiropge Only practical Virtue can only make our hearts purified and emptied.


We must also learn to be satisfied with the small and few in order to make our hearts purified. Trying to own only what we need in life is the heart of being satisfied with the small. When we cherish something small and simple and truly feel thankful for it, pure pleasure will well up inside us. That is real happiness.

If we had known earlier how to be satisfied with the small and few, today's environmental destruction and pollution would not have happened. While nature always gives us things like fresh air, cool breezes, and clean water, we human beings pursue only our own profits and comfort. As a result, the earth is suffering from serious illness now.

Our selfish greed and insatiable desires are beginning to threaten even our lives. Now we should make wise choices. We should learn to be free from the bandage of our belongings and share them with others, control our desires, be satisfied with the small, and make friends with each other. These are the paths to our real lives and the ways to enrich us spiritually.

There are only two paths where awakening is created. One is to carefully observe our own selves at the very core. We should keep a close watch on ourselves in order not to be desire-stricken or go crooked. The other is to practice love for our neighbors. We have to get into the habit of sharing even the small things with them.

I encourage you to participate in the "Clear and Fragrant Movement for Living" and walk the two paths together.

*** The above is the summary of lecture by Ven. Beopjeong at the ceremony to launch the volunteer gathering Malgo Hyanggiropge. It conveys Ven. Beopjeong's intentions in forming this organization.